FRGP introduction

Since 1999, the Front Range GigaPop (FRGP) has advanced the research and educational goals of government, nonprofit, research, and educational participants in the region by establishing and maintaining a unique multi-state network infrastructure. The FRGP is owned and controlled by the FRGP participant research and education community.

The FRGP is a consortium of Universities, research organizations, non-profit corporations, government agencies, cities, counties, States, and K-12s that cooperate to share wide area networking services including Internet2, intra-FRGP, commodity Internet, caching, and peering connectivity. The FRGP is one of several Regional Optical Networks (RONs) in the United States. RON members typically enjoy reduced costs, shared expertise, shared services, increased buying power, and economies of scale.

The current members are listed on the FRGP Members page.

More introductory details are available in this overview document.

Research and Education Networks: Enabling Breakthrough Innovations that Power the Greater Good

The Quilt Map of Regional Research and Education Networks in the United States

FRGP Mission Statement

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